A First For Everything

There is a first time for everything, and for everything there is a first time. Pretty deep, right? If you think about the chicken egg for example. Who was the first person to decide to crack it open and eat it? You really have to wonder what they were thinking, right? But, I digress.

This is actually not the first blog post I have ever written, but it is the first blog post for our creative business of helping to make your house into a home. If I can help you to create that for yourself, then this is a big first step isn’t it?

Some people dream and wait for their ideal dream home. I know I did for years. Then one day I realized that I needed to make where I am now into my home. Not a house. A home. So I began filling it with things I truly love, not things that were the newest in-style accessory or trendy décor. Nope, things that made me feel at home, and happy. Happy. Really happy.

Over the next few months, I am planning on sharing our newest designs, furniture flips, home décor and even recipes. Yes, recipes. Some say the kitchen is the heart of every home. I believe that’s true. Families tend to gather there together, sharing and bonding over food.  And that, I believe is a big part of making a house into a home. My home. Your home.

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  1. Marylada

    March 28, 2017 at 11:37 am

    It is true. If you like there will be always the opportunity to learn new things. I just love it -it is filling my mine with lovely thought – happy days and friends. I do hope many persons will take up this wonderful craft. Wishing everyone a very happy years of crocheting.

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